The chemical additives used in the paintings’ manufacturing process are various and each one has a very important function. Some of these aim to give a longer life to the paint when it is stored and in its application. Others work as thickeners. To reduce the foam and achieve a uniform application the use of antifoams is necessary.

At RC+Q, we also manufacture excellent quality interior or exterior paintings at a very competitive cost compared to the options on the market.

As in all our treatments, we are able to supply dosing equipment for our products, carry out laboratory analysis, and provide technical service.

The following are generic names of our product line and the selection of the product, in particular, is done through field studies depending on each specific case since all paint producing plants are different.

Defoamers RC+CE
Oxidizing Microbicides RC+CONTROL
Calcium Stearate RC+SCE
Emulsion Stabilizer RECITROL
Acrylic and Styrene Acrylic Resins RC+ROSIN

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